Deb Urquhart APRN, CDE


Deb is a leading expert in pediatric and adult endocrinology for medical professionals seeking to learn more about Diabetes. She has an extensive background working with patients and families throughout New England and South Florida. She took the first CDE exam in 1985 and has used those credentials to set up diabetes education programs in medical centers, communities and diabetes camps.


Her extensive background and knowledge of Diabetes is evident as she lectures with passion and humor.


Deb received her Masters in Nursing from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts and has worked at Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinic in NH and at Boston Medical Center in MA.


Deb is presently working as an Endocrine Nurse Practitioner for Broward Health in both adult and pediatric endocrinology.


Ruth Toiba, PhD, RD, LD/N, CDE


Dr. Ruth Toiba is a registered and licensed dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator practicing in Broward County, Florida. Dr. Toiba received her PhD degree in Biology from Tel Aviv University in Israel and has over 21 years of experience in clinical nutrition and Diabetes, working with adults, children and high-risk pregnant women.


She has worked as an adjunct professor of nutrition at different academic institutions in South Florida, and frequently guest lectures at different community diabetes programs.


Dr. Ruth served as president of the Broward County Dietetic Association from 2007 to 2008, and was recognized as the 2008 Emerging Leader by the Florida Dietetic Association.


Through her business – Dr. Ruth Diabetes Watchers, Inc. – she has been offering Diabetes review classes, held every six months, for healthcare professionals. The personal attention, unique teaching methods and most up-to-date information provide an excellent learning experience for attendees of the class.



We take pride in the fact that over 95 percent of our students pass the CDE Exam!